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Meet Dr Shilpa Naveen Chandra

March 13, 2012

Shilpa with her son Tanay.

Just a year back Dr. Shilpa NaveenChandra had to plan ahead even to spend some time with her son.

Shilpa is a gynecologist from Bangalore, India. Working six days a week and every alternate Sunday left her with no time for her family or herself. While working at St. John’s Hospital in Bangalore she also taught undergraduate students at the hospital. Coupled with that was the once a week 24-hour duty she had, which left her exhausted.

But it was the support from her family that kept her going she said. Both her parents and in-laws would take turns to take care of her son.

“Things are very different now. I have a lot of time now and all of it is centered around my two-year-old son Tanay,” she said.

Shilpa moved to the United States in May last year. She is currently not practicing for she is on F2 dependent visa. She recalled the feeling of confusion she dealt with when her husband told her for the first time about his decision to move to the United States to pursue an academic degree from the MIT.

“I supported his decision. Moving to the US would be a new experience for me. I thought it would provide me with some respite from my work pressure and also I will get to spend quality time with my son. The decision to leave my job was painful but I was mentally prepared to take up the challenge,” she said.

It has been almost a year now and her son has always kept her on her toes, she said. But what she began to crave for was the company of friends and people whom she could talk to.

“My husband is always busy with school and the only one around is my son,” she said.

So when Shilpa heard about the Westgate Culinary Club, it was not the thought of culinary adventures that drew her to the club, she said, but the fact that it would provide her with a chance to socialize with others.

“Cooking never interested me and one of the reasons was the time constraint I had. But now that I have time, I thought I could learn. At the club’s sessions the members always try to teach quick and easy recipes, which has helped me develop an interest in cooking. And the most important thing is I get to socialize with other people,” she added.

Apart from being a member of the Westgate Culinary Club, Shilpa also actively participates in workshops and programs conducted by the MIT Spouses and Partners Club. “It’s a good place to learn new things,” she said.

The different club related activities and her son are things that have kept Shilpa busy, she said.

Bound by the dependent visa restrictions Shilpa cannot practice in the United States in spite of her postgraduate degree in Obstetrics and Gynecology. “The visa restrictions are so stringent that my hands are tied. I feel bad at times. But I am preparing to take exams for the residency program. I am planning to take the exam this year,” Shilpa said.

Enrolling in a residency program will re-open doors for her and after the four year training she will get the required license to practice in the United States, she said.

“The challenges I had to face have made me stronger. Coming to the United States was a decision that my husband had made but whether to stay back or not is for me to decide once I complete the residency,” said Shilpa.


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