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A quick look through pictures

January 31, 2012

Founding member:  Li Theng Lee

Li is from Singapore and decided to start the culinary club to meet with other people residing at the MIT Westgate graduate building. She is very passionate about food and blogs about her culinary adventures regularly.

Club logo designed by Daria Shipilina.

First session:  13 Oct., 2011

The club members met for the first time on this date, embarking on their culinary adventure driven by the urge to learn about different cultures from around the globe.

The first session - fried apples

Club meetings: once-a-week, on Thursdays

The group meets on Thursdays at the MIT Westgate housing community lounge, located at the basement of the building.Each week club members learn about a new cuisine, with members volunteering to host an interactive cooking session.

An ongoing session at the lounge.

Session duration: one-hour

The sessions are mostly an hour-long. Apart from tasting food from around the world, they eagerly help out the host during the cooking or baking sessions. At the end of each session, members sit down to enjoy the food. 

Chocolate cake for a potluck session.

Membership: closed-group

Membership is open to residents of the Westgate housing complex, with some exceptions. The spouses of the members are graduate or Ph.D. students at the MIT.

A box of assorted cookies.

Session ideas: decided by online voting

Members are often asked to vote for recipes they would like to learn, on the club’s Facebook page. Details about upcoming sessions are also posted. 

Making peanut butter cupcakes.

Number of members: 44

The club’s Facebook page boasts of 44 members. Anywhere between 10-20 people show up for the club sessions.

Vietnamese spring rolls.

Agenda: cuisine and culture

While food forms the epicenter of the club sessions, members also learn something new each week about a different culture. During the cooking sessions members usually demonstrates a recipe accompanied by stories related to the ingredients or the dish in their country.

Making of Chinese stir fry

Common theme: Potluck

Various potluck sessions are arranged to learn about new cuisines, like the “Taste the World Potluck” held on Oct. 27, 2011.During the session each member of the club were asked to bring a dish that best represents her country.

Taste the World potluck event

Pic Courtesy: Westgate Culinary Club.


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